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    on the Farm

    U-Pick Yukishita Ninjin(carrots under the snow) 

    Yukishita Ninjin farms open up their fields to visitors and allow famillies to pick fresh carrots under the snow in the spring. There's nothing quite like an incredibly sweet carrot that pleases vegetable refusing children. 

    Visit snow-country Tsunan in the spring to harvest your own deliciously fresh, sweet carrots and to breathe pure air!

    Dates ​Opening, Pricing & Directions

    Carrot picking is open to the public in the 2018 harvest season on the following 4 days,


    March 24, 30(These days are only for women.)

    April 1, 4  


    U-Pick carrots .....2,000yen (tax included)

    The price includes: Entrance fee to a Yukishita Ninjin farm and an English-speaking local guide.

    Children under the age of 12: FREE


    Click here for the map of Tsunan Tourist Association.

    Departing there for a Yukishita Ninjin farm with a local guide.

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